GANA peptides ( carnosine)

What is peptide?

The peptides are chain of amino acids
The each peptides has different amino acids sequence
Each peptides has different function

For example
collage formation
wrinkle removal
muscle relaxation like botulinum toxin

You can choose each peptides products according to your need


Pure peptides solution
packing unit 3ml x 2vilals/box
Concentration 50ppm

what is carnoisine?

L-Carnosine  CAS:305-84-0
Carnosine can increase the Hayflick limit in human fibroblasts,
as well as appearing to reduce the telomere shortening rate.
It is also considered as a geroprotector.

How to use

1.Clean face with alcohol
2. Apply peptide solution
one vial for whole face
 with 0.2 mm  dermaroller or dermastamp to facilitate peptide absorption
3. Interval 2 weeks
4. Total 2-3 session will be needed

Each peptides has different function
So each peptides can be mixed with other peptides
To make peptides cocktail or other skin booster

For better effect