GANA DM set 
Composed of  freeze dried PLLA powder

Cross linked hyaluronic acid


-freeze dried Poly L lactic acid powder induce collagen synthesiss in  humand body

Cross linked HA make skin moisturiezed more than 6 month
Conventitional HA meso products are non cross linked HA , non cross linked HA last in human body just 1-2wks,



What is PLLA

PLLA is powerful collagen stimulator in human body
PLLA induce collagen syntheis in 6weeks
Once collagen made it last more than 5years
Newly formed collgen make volume for depressed area
And induce lifting by tightening of face
So newly formed PLLA recover depressed area ,like acne scar .stretch marks

Poly(L-lactide) is a biodegradable material with good bio-absorbability and bio-compatibility.
After degradation in the body, PLLA products are excreted by metabolism and thus has no harmful side effects to the
human body. It is for these reasons that PLLA products are currently widely used in the field of medicine, such as for
one-time infusion equipment, medical surgical suture, drug delivery carriers, tissue engineering scaffolds, bone anchors,
microcapsules, microspheres, implants, elastomer materials for organ support, etc. 

The characteristics of the PLLA and hyaluronic acid in Gana dualmesosolution 

1.ThePLLA in Gana DM
-The size of   PLLA particles in the conventional products is average 30 to 50um size.

2. The hyaluronic acid in GANA DM


1)Conventional  mesotherapyproducts only contain non cross linked hyaluronic acid 
but GANA DM contain cross linked hyaluronic acid last more than 6month
2)Safety, cross liked hyaluronic acid can be autoclaved –contain no preservative
3)Cross liked HA can be used like dermal filler-give us immediate volume correction
Hyaluronic  acid  in GANA  DM  VS  existing mesotherapyproducts

-stretch mark ( striae)
-acne scar
-big pore
-face rejuvenation
-face lifting by collagen synthesis
-neck wrinkle
-hand wrinkle
After procedure

Skin tone was improved 
Fine wrinkle were removed
Stretch mark

Before procedure
Procedure by Russian distributor. Biomed co ltd
Stretch mark procedure
After procedure 
Only left belly was done
One session
After 6weeks
Acne scar

Before procedure
Procedured by Russian distributor. BIOMED co ltd
After procedure

Acne scar on glabella and cheek was removed a lot
Neck wrinkle
Hand wrinkle
HAND before 
Freeze dried PLLA  has micropore
Micropore absorb water to break down into small pieces
The broken PLLA particles induce controlled inflammation
So that there will be collagen synthesis
This SEM picture is of our PLLA 

GANA DM set :
 PLLA powder for mesotherapy
: main component is poly L lactic acid
PLLA is collagen stimulator , induce collagenesis by activating fibroblast
GANA DM set is autoclaved cross linked hyaluronic acid
The merits of GANA DM set . Prefilled vial
PLLA 파우더 50미리그램
가교 히알루론산 4ml 
앰플 두개포함

Cross linked hyaluronic acid gel
 (longer duration and better efficacy)

Autoclave sterilized ( better safety)

How to use for face rejuvenation

Mix ganafill hydro with gana ha hydro
Shake well for 5 minutes
 Use Vortex mixer to mix
Please see picture below


How to stop Aging process

The older people have lower collagen and lower hyaluronic acid
 consequently make wrinkle ,fold, sagging that make person look old
GANA FILL hydro make collagen in  human body
GANA HA hydro bind water in skin 
So that two newly formed collagen and hyaluronic acid lower wrinkle fold and sagging
Consequently make person look younger
안면노화를 막는 방법
노화의과정은 3가지 요인이 주로 작용함
1 수분감소
2 탄력저하에 의한 얼굴쳐짐
3 콜라겐감소에 의한 주름

히알루론산은 피부에 수분을유지시켜주고
주름이 생긴부위에 볼륨을 주어 주름을 개선하고
PLLA파우더는 콜라겐을 생성하여 얼굴쳐짐과 잔주름 개선
안면에 뷸륨을 주는 역할을한다


1.water loss
2.collagen loss
3.elasticity loss

   -GANA FILL hydro  induce collagen
   -GANA HA hydro  prevent water loss


How to use for stretch marks,acne scar and neck wrinkle
튼살 여드름흉터 목주름을 위한 사용방법

-prepare DM set solution

-interval one month
-total 2-3 sessions will be needed

PLLA powder filling process

4000 pcs per hour capacity