GANA LIFT (cone type lifting)

Currently not in production

What is Dr.S?

Dr.S is the advanced concept of the Lift thread which lifts the wrinkled face from aging and the body which lost its elasticity.
Dr.S improved demerits of existing lift thread and maximized the effect and the maintenance power and the efficiency.


USP No.1 PP (Polypropylene)

PLLA( Poly-L-Lactic-Acid) Screw Anchor type 4mm Cone, Biodegradation

What is biodegradable material
 The term biodegradable is used to describe materials that decompose through the actions of bacteria, fungi, and other living organisms -simply put it has the ability to break down or decompose back into the natural environment without causing harm Examples of well known biodegradable materials used in medical industries are PLLA, PLGA, PGA, PDO and PCL

What is PLLA
 Poly(L-lactide) is a biodegradable material with good bio-absorbability and bio-compatibility. After degradation in the body, PLLA products are excreted by metabolism and thus has no harmful side effects to the human body. It is for these reasons that PLLA products are currently widely used in the field of medicine, such as for one-time infusion equipment, medical surgical suture, drug delivery carriers, tissue engineering scaffolds, bone anchors, injectable microcapsules, microspheres, implants, elastomermaterials for organ support, etc.


  • Maintenance : 3 year
  • Efficiency : High tensile lifting effect and reliable traction
  • Cone : Poly-L-Lactic-acid
  • Thread USP No.1 : Strong Lift effect
  • Screw Anchor type cone ; 4mm Cone, Biodegradation
  • Ring : Ultrasonic welding method
  • The Operation

    Dr.S Advantage

    • Strong Effect face and body; PP thread, Big size Screw Anchor type cone (4mm) Dr. S Efficiency : High tensile lifting effect and
      reliable traction.
    • Biodegradable material safe cones in the human body.
    • Maintenance: 3 years
    • Not need to Incisionalface lifting methods
    • The lifting effect can be seen immediately after the procedure.

    How to procedure for hip?