GANA Cocktail (whitening)

Products name: GANA cocktail(제품명 :가나칵테일)

Specially made for only whitening !!

This is solution for dermaroller or mesotherapy 
더마롤러 전용 제품


4ml/5ml X 5vials


Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

4ml/5ml X 5Vials

Never mix Glutathione and Vitamin C


Glutathione is a low molecular weight thiol-tripeptide
that plays a prominent role in maintaining intracellular redox balance.
In addition to its remarkable antioxidant properties,
the discovery of its antimelanogenic properties
has led to its promotion as a skin-lightening agent.
It is widely used for this indication in some ethnic populations.

글루타치온은 항산화기능이 있고
미백효과가 있다

Glutathione is present intracellularly in its reduced form
and plays an important role in various physiological functions.
Its skin-lightening effects result from direct

as well as indirect inhibition of the tyrosinase enzyme
and switching from eumelanin to phaeomelanin production.
It is available in oral, parenteral and topical forms.

티로시나제 효소의 억제하여 미백효과를 보인다


 Vitamin C, a revitalizing & antioxidant solution.

비타민 C는 피부에 활력을 주고 항산화기능을한다
광선손상 흡연 등에 의해 생성된 프리 라디컬의 제거에 효과적이다
콜라겐재생효능,피부탄력 개선,광노화 방지,피부진피의 재생효능도 있다

A very effective antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals –
the unstable molecules that age the skin as a result of pollution,
smoking and exposure to the sun.
It inhibits melanin, stimulates growth of the hydro-lipid film
and enhances collagen synthesis,
an important skin protein that strengthens the structural support and elasticity of the skin.
Vitamin C Revitalizing & Antioxidant Solution is used mainly to treat
and prevent photoageing,
uneven complexions and for helping the skin to fight wrinkles.

Ascorbic acid is one of the main non-enzymatic,
water-soluble antioxidant.
Vitamin C is required for the synthesis of collagen,
an important structural component of blood vessels,
tendons, ligaments and bones.

In addition, vitamin C is required for the synthesis of carnitine,
a small molecule that is essential for the transport of fat to ce- llular organelles called mitochondria, for conversion to energy.

It plays a critical role in dermal construction,
stimulating collagen synthesis of dermal fibroblasts.
This is thought to occur as a result of ascorbate directly stimulating collagen synthesis,
directly and specifically activating collagen gene regulation both by increasing the transcription rate and stabilizing procollagen messenger RNA,
thus genetically signaling collagen synthesis.
Another mechanism is the initiation of lipid peroxidation,
which leads to an increase in a by-product,
which stimulates collagen gene expression.

In addition, ascorbic acid is necessary
to form lysyl hydroxylase

 an enzyme necessary for cross-linking one collagen molecule to another
 providing tissue strength.

The topic use of ascorbic acid prevents and treats photo-ageing.
UV light exposure depletes up to two thirds of cutaneous ascor- bic acid stores.


Glutathione and Vitamin C can not be mixed for use

글루타치온과 아스코빅산은 섞어서 사용하면안됨

Apply biweekly
격주로 사용할것
1.3.5 주차에 글루타치온
2.4.6 주차에 비타민 c를 적용
동시에 사용하지말것


1st 3rd 5th  week

Ascorbic acid 
2nd 4th 6th week