GINO FACE /GINO BODY ( Acne / Keratois pilaris)

GINO face and GINO body contain 
fresh water sponge spicules
This spicules induce  mild inflammation so that skin cell turn over very fast

Eventually make healthy new skin, make skin younger  

Also these spicules make holes ,
These small holes help acne pustules to come out of pores

GINO  FACE is developed for acne treatment
GINO BODY is developed for keratosis pilaris
Spongilla is a genus of freshwater sponges in the family Spongillidae found in lakes and slow streams. Sponges of the genus Spongilla attach themselves to rocks and logs and filter the water for various small aquatic organisms such as protozoansbacteria, and other free-floating pond life. Unlike marine sponges, freshwater sponges are exposed to far more adverse and variable environmental conditions, so they have developed gemmules as a means of dormancy. When exposed to excessively cold or otherwise harsh situations, the sponges form these gemmules, which are highly resistant "buds" that can live dormant after the mother sponge has died. When conditions improve, the gemmules "germinate" and a new sponge is born.

eel Series  / Main Ingridents
It is a highly effective acne treatment that regenerates the skin by penetrating the meticulously refined spicules

GINO Face. 45gram
Main ingredients
Fresh water Poriferan spicules
Salicylic Acid
Alpha Arbutin
Sodium Hyaluronic Acid

GINO Body. 45gram

Fresh water Poriferan spicules
Glycolic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid

GINO Peel Treatment  :

This treatment procedure turns the skin smooth and healthy by solving intensified troubles in depth and efficiently increasing skin improvement ability, to take care of troubles and form an immune system to prevent recurrence.
By using micro needles called spicules, skin cells are stimulated and regenerated, and naturally eliminate dead skin cells by improving immunity and promoting regeneration.

GINO face is Recommended for
-Papule or inflamed acne
-Excessive excretion of sebum
-Dry skin with many fine wrinkles
-Those with red pimples
-Those who want simple treatment with small troubles

GINO body is Recommended for
- Keratosis pilaris
Advantage of GINO  Peel
It can be performed on all skin types such as sensitive, dry, or oily skin.
It improves sebum, dead skin cells, acne, and inflammation.
It is a peeling procedure using natural spicules, so has almost no side effects.
It is also effective on keratosis pilaris, also called goose flesh.

Process of GINO Peel

- Gino Peel effective on acne is penetrated into the skin
- Penetrated spicule causes cell divisions for 72 hours to induce loss of dead skin cells, suppress sebum, eliminate acme germs, and reduce inflammation
- Dead skin cells start to come off 3 days later
- Skin becomes thicker and maintains the healthy condition.

How to Apply
Clean up that area where you would apply.
Apply proper volume of GINO Peel and massage by finger tip with soft pressure. 
It might feel tingly, it is natural reaction cause of implanting spicule into skin.
-     Massage for 5 min and leave it until dry.
 Next morning ,Rinse with water gently, no rubbing. 
Repeat same procedure  Once or twice a week as tolerated
Do apply facial pack to apply enough moisturizing.
Avoid rinsing for 72 hrs, keep apply moisturizing item for helping regeneration.-