GANA booster(biorevitalization)

GANA booster( biorevitalization)


The most of hyaluronic acid gel products
for mesotherapy are non cross inked HA

GANA booster( biorevitalization) is cross linked HA gel same as dermal fillers
So has much better duration and safety
Non cross linked HA gel is can not be autoclave sterilized
Also GANA booster( biorevitalization) has lidocaine to lower pain


The merits of GANAb ooster( biorevitalization) . Prefilled syringe 

- Cross linked hyaluronic acid 10mg/cc
-  (longer duration and better efficacy)

- Autoclave sterilized ( better safety)
- -glutathione 0.1% for whitening



Apply ice bad and make anesthesia with lidocaine cream both to reduce pain 




This GANA booster( biorevitalization) contain 
Cross linked hyaluronic acid (HA)
Not non cross linked hyaluronic acid

Once injected to epidermis 
This can cause nodule and papule
So injection layer will be dermis layer 
And use mesotherapy gun .needle depth more than 1.5mm

Do not inject at one point too much
Inject widely deeply and evenly

After injection

Compress treated area with dry gauze


 GANA booster( biorevitalization)VS other HA solution



1.2-3 session is needed
2.Interval one month
3.After second session
 The effect can be seen

GANA booster is usually used by meso gun

If you have not meso gun
You can use this meso needle