GANA PNV (PDRN vial type)

GANA PNV is low PDRN concentration solution  ,prefilled in vials

Major component
•3ml vials  X 5EA/box
PDRN ( poly deoxyribonucleotide from salmon sperm) 0.5%
Glutathione 2mg/cc
Cross linked Hyaluronic acid 5mg/cc

•가나피엔브이는 PDRN이 함유되어있는 바이알타입 제품이다
주성분은  PDNR 0.5%
가교 히알루론산 0.5%  
글루타치온 이다

GANA PNV is mesotherapysolution , prefilled in vials

PDRN – help all kinds of wound healing,

        - regeneration of cell and tissue

PDRN는 모든형태의 상처를 낫게하고

세포의 재생을 돕는다

PDRN는  퇴행성관절염의 치료나

화상의 치료에 먼저 사용되어 효능을 인정 받은 성분이다

주로 연어의 정자에서 DNA 성분을 추출하여 제조된다

Glutathione – whitening

    Cross linked Hyaluronic acid 5mg/cc

가교 히알루론산

일반 히알루론산과 다르게 

가교된 히알루론산의 일단 흡수가되면 인체에서 6개월이상유지가된다

보습효과와 주름제거의 효과가있다

Prevent water loss

 keep skin moisteurized

PDRN -polydeoxyribonucleotide

PDRN is the low molecular weight DNA complex fragments  from salmon or trout sperm
It play a role in anti inflammatory ,cell proliferation and tissue remodeling
PNV:  PDRN 0.5%  HA 0.5% 포함 바이알 타입

PNV plus: PDRN 2%, HA 1% 포함, 바이얼 타입

PN : PDRN 2%. HA 1%포함 시린지타입
GANA PNV VS existing products
existing productsGANA PNV
PDRN content  Wound healing Cell regeneration0.2%0.5%
Glutathione WhiteningNone2mg/cc
Cross liked hyaluronic acidDuration 6monthNone10mg/cc
기존제품과의 차별성

1. 비가교 히알루론산이 아님 가교 히알루론산을 사용하여
유지기간이 6개월이상

2.방부제가 전혀 안들어간 무균공정으로 제조됨

3 미백성분이 포함되어있음

4. 고순도 고가의 PDRN을 사용

GANA PNV application 
적응 분야

Face rejuvenation

Acne scar
Wrinkle removal
Preventing sagging

Improving elasticity, turgidity and tonicity of skin
Repairing damaged dermal cells

얼굴 회춘
탄력증가 피부톤 개선

What Is PDRN?

Polydeoxyribonucleotide is derived from sperm trout through an extraction process.
 The compounds are able to stimulate Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors
 and certain receptors in the body that trigger the creation of new artery formation,
 improves blood flow, and reduces inflammation. Most importantly,
PDRN provides the nucleotides necessary for cell regeneration.
 In addition to its use for diabetic foot ulcers, PDRN has proven effective in treating PAOD, chronic wounds, hind limb ischemia, osteoarthritis disease, coronary artery disease, and burn injuries

HOW TO USE and Various application

1,  Topical apply
- It can be used for topical apply for 
skin rejuvenation 
-Wash face ,apply one vial on face and go to bed

After 3 sessions ,you will see effect

2. Derma roller

-use 0.2mm to 0.5mm needle length derma roller
-interval 1wk
-3 sessions

더마롤러를 사용하여 시술한다

간격은  1주일 간격으로 하고

2-3회 시술이 필요하다
1회 시술시 1바이얼이 필요하다



Apply ice bad and make anesthesia with lidocaine cream both to reduce pain 




This product contain 
Cross linked hyaluronic acid (HA)
Not non cross linked hyaluronic acid

Once injected to epidermis 
This can cause nodule and papule
So injection layer will be dermis layer 
And use mesotherapy gun .needle depth more than 1.5mm

Do not inject at one point too much
Inject widely deeply and evenly

After injection

Compress treated area with dry gauze


1.Any kinds of active skin disease
2.Any kinds of general illness
3.Hypersensitive to this products
4.Bleeding disorder
5.Pregnancy,breast feeding

1.This products contain cross linked hyaluronic acid
Be careful not to penetrate artery
Cross linked HA can cause arterial occlusion

Side effect


n  Bruising

n  Hematoma

n  Atrophy & Skin hypertrophy

n  Erythema

n  Urticaria

Post procedure care
1. Apply mask pack for skin suppression
2.Avoid direct sun light
3.In case of mild pain, patients can take NSAID 
Before and after
One week after first session