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PLLA factory
Vial filling ,stoppering and capping machine
 Automatic capping machine
Automatic packaging machine
Freeze dryer room
High capacity vial filling stoppering
and capping machine

20,000 vials /hour
50ml Vial rubber stoppering capping mahcine
Purified water tank 3000 liter

Large volume  sieve shaker

Customized Full automatic  5ml vials 
Filling ,stoppering 

And capping machine
6000 vials per hour capacity

Vial inspection machine

Customized Full automatic  50ml vials
Filling ,stoppering 

And capping machine
4000 vials per hour capacity

Chemical reactor

Freeze dryer with Stoppering function

Vial labelling 
Syringe labelling
Prefilled syringe filling machine
Vial filling and capping machines
Vial washing and drying
Freeze dryer
Mask pack production line

Shrink wrap  sealer and shrink tunnel

Tube filling and sealing machine

PLLA Powder filling and stoppering machine

Reactor with heating and vacuum function
300 liter 

Clean booth 100 Class

Vial capping machine