Under developing

The cardiovacular disease is the one the of leading cause of mortality so The need of artificial vessel are emerging

There are many trials to replace human vessel with the artificial vessels but still today there are no satisfying artificial vessels

Artificial vessels play a role in human body as Degradable scaffolds
The use of biodegradable polymers as scaffolds on which layers of cells are grown is an alternate tissue-engineering approach for the development of a functional vascular graft. The scaffold degrades and is replaced and remodeled by the extracellular matrix (ECM) secreted by the cells

Ideal artificial vessel
1.Structual scaffold for endothelial cell migration
2.Low thrombogenicity
3. Mechanical strength to endure pulsatile blood flow
4.Porosity for cell migration
5.Prevention of infection
6.No immune reaction
7.Degrability after cell migration
8.Ability to heal

GANA angio
1. made of degradable biocompatible polymer
2. has porosity
3. has half life of 3years
4, has strong mechanical strength
5, do not cause any inflammation
6, seen under microscope there is honey comb appearance
7 can be made with variable diameter and length