GANA MHS(semi permanent)

GANA MHS  is 1.2ml prefilled syringe type

Dermal filler composed of

-Poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA), 100mg/cc
-HA (Cross linked hyaluronic acid) 20mg/cc

-Characterized by semi permanent duration

How to use-GANA MHS

1.2ml prefilled syringe
1.attach enclosed needle
2.injection layer-subcutaneous layer
3.can be used for Nose,forehead,cheek,chin,Nasolabial fold
4.contraindication Lip eye  


PMMA dermal filler-GANA MHS

-PMMA (polymethyl-methacrylate) fillers contain about 10 percent of 40um sized PMMA microspheres that are suspended in 90 percent of cross linked hyaluronic acid gel.
-one year after HA gel breaks down and your body produces its own natural collagen to fill out the space under the skin.
-This type of dermal filler is considered semi-permanent, and  is most often used to treat medium-to-deep wrinkles, folds and furrows, particularly nasolabial folds. It can also be used to fill out pitted scars and to augment thin lips.
-PMMA, properly delivered, offers long-lasting results.


What is PMMA

Poly(methyl methacrylate)(PMMA),also known as acrylic or acrylic glass as well as by the trade names Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite, and Perspex among several others (see below), is a transparent thermoplastic often used in sheet form as a lightweight or shatter-resistant alternative to glass. The same material can be utilized as a Medical devices, casting resin, in inks and coatings, and has many other uses.

GANA MHS VS Existing PMMA fillers
Bovine collagen 3.5%NoneBovine collagen makes
initial volume
Can not be
HAnone2%HA makes initial volume
for one year
Correction by
ImpossiblePossibleInitial removal of injected
filler is possible