GANA PN (PDRN syringe type)

Major component
-PDRN ( poly deoxyribonucleotide from salmon sperm) 2%
-Glutathione 2mg/cc
-Cross linked Hyaluronic acid 10mg/cc

2.5ml X 2 syringes
PDRN -polydeoxyribonucleotide

PDRN is the low molecular weight DNA complex fragments  from salmon or trout sperm
It play a role in anti inflammatory ,cell proliferation and tissue remodeling

GANA PN, Prefilled syringe

GANA PNV, Prefilled vial
Volume2.5cc filled in 3cc syringe2.5cc filled in 5cc vial
Packaging2 syringes in a box 5 vials in a box
Concentration of PDRN2%0.5%
Other componentCross linked HA glutathione Lidocaine Q.S- PBSSame as above
GANA PN VS pre existing PDRN
existing productsGANA PN
PDRN content  Wound healing Cell regeneration2% 2%
Glutathione WhiteningNone2mg/cc
Cross liked hyaluronic acidDuration 6monthNone10mg/cc

PDRN effect
-Safe and simple injection
-Protecting wrinkles
-Skin lifting effect
-Skin brightening
-Improving elasticity, turgidity and tonicity of skin
-Repairing damaged dermal cells
-High physical compatibility of Polynucleotide extracted from salmon


-Unpack box
-Clean the application area
-Attach enclosed needle
-Injection level will be dermis layer
-If there is bleding , compress are for one minute 

-Second session will be needed in a month  

GANA PN contain cross linked hyaluronic acid
so GANA PN can be used like dermal fillers for face augmentation
This is the merit of GANA PN compared to other PDRN products




1.2-3 session is needed
2.Interval one month
3.After second session
 The effect can be seen


Apply ice bad and make anesthesia with lidocaine cream both to reduce pain 




This product contain 
Cross linked hyaluronic acid (HA)
Not non cross linked hyaluronic acid

Once injected to epidermis 
This can cause nodule and papule
So injection layer will be dermis layer 
And use mesotherapy gun .needle depth more than 1.5mm

Do not inject at one point too much
Inject widely deeply and evenly

After injection

Compress treated area with dry gauze


1.Any kinds of active skin disease
2.Any kinds of general illness
3.Hypersensitive to this products
4.Bleeding disorder
5.Pregnancy,breast feeding

Side effect


n  Bruising

n  Hematoma

n  Atrophy & Skin hypertrophy

n  Erythema

n  Urticaria

Use Mesogun.MTS or enclosed 30G needles
What Is PDRN?
Polydeoxyribonucleotide is derived from sperm trout through an extraction process.
The compounds are able to stimulate Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors
and certain receptors in the body that trigger the creation of new artery formation,
improves blood flow, and reduces inflammation.
Most importantly, PDRN provides the nucleotides necessary for cell regeneration.
In addition to its use for diabetic foot ulcers, PDRN has proven effective in treating PAOD,
chronic wounds, hind limb ischemia, osteoarthritis disease, coronary artery disease, and burn injuries
Before and after

Used GANA  PNV plus (= same components as GANA PN)
Sagging jaw line 
Skin irregularity on cheek
much improved