GANA EYE(eye bag removal)


•specially made for removing eye bag, dark circle, only !!

Main components-

carnitine : 2%

Acetyl tetrapeptide -5:  50ppm

Phosphate buffer solution-q.s


2ml/5ml  prefilled vials X 5EA in a box
One box GANA EYE can be used for more than 20 sessions

How to use

1.Withdraw solution with 1cc insulin syringe

2. Injection layer is subcutaneous fat layer
3.Injection 5-7 spot at eye bag
4. Injection volume at  each spot will be 0.1ml
Total volume must not be over 0.4ml each side

5. Total 3-4 sessions will be needed
6. Interval one month

1.There will be swelling at most 2weeks
2.It is normal prgress

# To reduce swelling
Loratadine or benadryl (anti histamines) can be prescribed